Hey guys,

Anyone got some cheap DIY guitar cleaning tips? Don't want to pay $15 for some lemon oil ala Dunlop.

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The Dunlop bottles will last you at least a year a piece.
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The Dunlop bottles will last you at least a year a piece.

Agreed. That is stupidism for trying to save 15$ from neck cleaning...
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I've had my oils for two years. Totally worth the 20$ for the cleaning kit!!
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you should really buy the lemon oil from Dunlop, it's worth. i got my bottle in february 2010 and it's still 85% full, i always clean the neck with it when i change my strings and i change them nearly every month
I would much sooner use Naptha to clean the fretboard and mineral oil to condition it, but that's only because I already have those things. For someone who's not going to use that stuff for other things, then it's not really a worthwhile investment. However, if you already have a zippo lighter and some baby oil lying around, it's the same thing.
Lemon oil is mineral oil with lemon scent, baby oil is also fragranced mineral oil. Mineral oil is all you need, but baby/lemon oil do the same.