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so yeah, i bought a chuckle****ing synth.

korg microkorg. a mate of mine who works at a music store gave me a call a few weeks ago and said they were having a blowout of these, and i could grab one for under half price. me being the massive muse fan i am, i thought why not. chucked it on layby, sold a couple of pedals and i picked it up today. i've been playing around with it for the last half hour, and it's great fun.

it's pretty brilliant. first proper synth i've had. i've got an old casio keyboard that i first learnt piano on, and a korg monotron, but this thing is a hell of a lot more complex and awesome. been ****ing around with the arpeggiator, playing the synth for muse's bliss over and over. this thing is capable of so many sounds it's not funny. it's going to be an exciting and most likely very frustrating learning process.

but yeah. muse sounds. yay. it'll go nicely with my kaoss pad.


shitty clips.
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Needs moar keys!!!!!

Seriously, cool synth. I have a small fund building for one of the new Jupiter-50s. Can't wait.
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I bet that kicks all kinds of ass.

Let's hear some steel drums!!!
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A friend has one of those, it's a really cool sounding apparatus indeed!!!

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Always wanted one of these. Cool little synths!
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^they're worth it. my buddy got a used one for like 150. fun as hell to play with.

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Quote by gumbilicious
^they're worth it. my buddy got a used one for like 150. fun as hell to play with.

I've been watching CL waiting for one to get down to around $175. They are cool.
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Happy New Synth Day!

Those MicroKorgs have huge almost cult like followings. There are tons of videos on YouTube if you start to run out of new ideas. (Although I do admit I went softsynths a while ago. I'm loving Native Instruments FM8 right now.)
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Lately I've been feeling like taming some keys.
Budget is tight. Is this thing capable of clavinet,organ,harpsichord,
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Is it cool to put up a keys thread on GGA??? I was thinking of throwing out a question but thought I would upset some folks??
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These are actually so much fun to play with. The drummer in my old band had one, and I would use it whenever I could. You can get a ton of great sounds out of them. Just wish it had weighted keys.

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damn i want one now. like stat.

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Quote by gerrywm
Is it cool to put up a keys thread on GGA??? I was thinking of throwing out a question but thought I would upset some folks?? Keyboard thread, it's in the Pit so no one can ever find it, especially the people who come to UG because they are interested in playing music.

This is Ultimate Guitar, but maybe we could have one official keyboard thread here in GG&A. Sooner or later almost all musicians want to try keyboards and there seem to be more musicians here than in the Pit.