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I like how the OP keeps coming in with more detail to shore up his story.

Shocking, isn't it.
"Wow, Great audition!!.. we just have one rule here... and it involves your genitalia"...
Person 1: "yeah, if that's what you think."

Person 2: "Whoa! What's the matter all of a sudden?"

Person 1: "Nothing."

*cold silence*

Person 2: "No, really. What's eatin' ya?"

Person 1: "I... said... NOthing!!"

We all know what gender is which here. To say that one person is communicating differently but equally effectively is really pretty silly.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice.

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"Wow, Great audition!!.. we just have one rule here... and it involves your genitalia"...

I piggy-snorted when I read this...the lady sitting next to me on the train gave me a funny look. Thanks.
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It's the same as all other harmony. Surround yourself with skulls and candles if it helps.
... and just for the record, I'm not suggesting for a moment that women are poorer communicators than men. It's just that some choose not to be because it is somehow "socially acceptable" to communicate in such a silly fashion. "Oh, yeah... women can be like that."

Which is no different from when we chalk up inappropriately aggressive or impulsive behaviour to "boys will be boys." Yeah, boys will be like that as long as society accepts that as okay.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice.

Chris is the king of relating music things to other objects in real life.
Great thread here guys I'm liking it.

Anyways just to break this down, it pretty clear that the relationship between the drummer and the singer is irreparably damaged, and one had to go. I'm just unclear as to why it was the singer, when it's pretty clear that the drummer will be kicked out in due course anyway. He was enough of an issue beforehand, this last little bit was the nail in the coffin.

I saw that somebody mentioned there was an issue with myself imposing a similar rule on my session group when working for a paying artist, before we were paid. Session work is different than a traditional band, the artist is the boss and everyone else is yes sir no sir. If this relationship is upset or blurred everybody can end up losing cash and being let go previous to finishing off the record or tour (session work is short term). After payment, go for it.

To bring another perspective on the situation, the singer wanted the drummer to keep quiet about them having sex, and he didn't. So instead of keeping quiet and continuing to get some on the side, he had to tell you guys and that set off this whole situation. Isn't that just another silly act in a long list of them? It would have been the perfect time to let him go amicably and find a more "stable" drummer, but you're opting to continue the pain.

It's a very odd choice, and the band will suffer, at least in a repressed anger kind of way.

And the singer will definitely not bang any of you now.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
All the post-sex-issues aside, reading this whole thread hasn't deterred me from noticing a very simple flaw from the very beginning which pretty much spun the entire thing into happening.

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I hate the fact that the singer told our drummer beforehand to keep the whole thing a secret in case a fight would break out.

Lets ask ourselves what good the "pact" did compared to the negative consequences of making it in the first place...

Although I very well could be wrong, I assume that the singer wanted to keep it a secret mostly because of this pact. She knew that it was the pact itself that would be the issue. If this pact was never made, keeping a secret would not have become an issue. In fact, the two of them sleeping together would not have either. That is already two birds down.

Keep in mind, rules are made to be broken. You set yourself up for this all your own with this pact buddy.

The drummer is a hot-headed douche which no pact is going to deter him from doing his thing. The more you resist the nature of this, the more problems you give yourself. Instead of demanding the child "stop misbehaving or else be punished", you should come to understand the root of why he does what he does and learn how to work with it so that it doesn't get in the way of things. This is what a good leader learns to do.

Had there been no pact, there would have been no fight (or at least much less likely to be), there would have been no secrets, and there would have been no singer to leave the band because a secret was broken. It all comes down to the choice to make a rule that would have been broken any way you look at it.

Nothing else in this discussion is even relevant to me, seeing this fact.
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My story is much different and far more damaging; Our bassist had been dealing with serious marital problems for some time and was friends with our female singer for at least a few years. She was a source of comfort to him during the months when his marriage was unraveling and eventually, they started sleeping together. About a month ago, we were playing a gig and during a song that did not feature female vocals, our chick singer was in the audience, grinding her ass against and tongue wrestling with one of her male friends-right in front of her bass player. Needless to say he was upset-so much so that he left the band soon after w/out notice.

I blame them both for the affair but her behavior that night drove him out of the band. Never mind that this girl was always late for gigs and rehearsals, hardly ever helped break down or set up equipment, argued with me and our band leader when we coached her on learning harmonies during rehearsals and brought her personal family drama into the band, she was also screwing our bass player after our band leader warned her how hazardous it was and that this sort of thing never works out. Now we are faced with having to replace them both with gigs scheduled only weeks away!
That's rough, but this thread is very old, and on top of that the matter was already resolved. So I'm obviously closing it, please keep the discussion in new threads.
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