I would greatly if someone could identify this guitar for me i can't read what it says on it
(It's not a Gibson)
[forbidden link]

The pic is very blurry but I think it says it all on right the headstock, Gretsch Electromatic.

The inlays on the frets are different but it looks like it in every other respect.

I think Fender makes Gretsch guitars now. They picked it up after the company was run into the ground after being swapped back and forth a couple of times between the Gretsch family and a big company.

I don't know what they are like now but at least they used to be pretty good guitars. Good enough for Chet Atkins, George Harrison and the like anyway.

I first played and learned on a 50's something Gretsch Electromatic way back when so I still have a little warm spot for them buried deep inside my soul. It had a wonderful tone that was just great for smooth Jazz. It had a DeArmond pickup. (I can't belive I just saw one of the pickups that sold on EBay for 450 bucks. Dayum all that for one old pickup?)

I forget the amp now but I think it was a Gibson GA-9 tweed that my dad had recoverd in ugly as hell brown vinyl for some silly assed reason. It was butt ugly but sounded kinda nice with the Electromatic. I upped the power with a 6V6-6L6 tube swap and jacked around with speaker changes too. I even jury rigged a home made reverb for it that I had cooked up (had to make do with no money). But that was a long long time ago before I started going though a lot of gear in a big hurry. Those were the days but I think I like it better now.

Looks like a nice guitar, I hope you enjoy it. The link above should give you all the info you need about it.