I use my NI Massive plug in to create a lot of things and now I have gotten into dubstep and I decided to try it out.

So the thing is, I heard this song right. It`s called Division from Ephixa, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBTr275JJwM.
I tried to recreate this song but the thing that held me back was the bass/synth sound in the song.
I am pretty sure the notes are in staccato and when I put the notes in staccato like in the song it just sound bad.
It sound kinda too staccato you know. It could be the LFO doing the "smooth staccato" effect but I dont know.
Ephixa has it more smooth staccato.
I have played around with the plug-in but I just can´t find a way to make it smooth like his.
What should I do?

Before you flame me with all the dubstep hate, I listen to real music too.

Peace out.
Dissonance is underrated.
Going to be honest. This is a terrible example of the genre. Very, very dull.

But try:

LFO modulation on scream filter and high resonance try both square wave and sine for lfo oscillations.

Push the lfo wave form around with maximum opening just after the beat. this will swing it.

Then try legato and adjust a glide time to sort the pitch changes.

This should give you the basic transition between pitches and modulation then it will be about using a macro knob for more modulation across this sound. i.e filter opening further and maybe a small amount of keyboard tracking on the resonance knob.

I don't have massive in front of me but that should give you a good jump off point.
dubstepforum.com would be the place to really get an answer or two, or maybe a troll or two as well but its a great site for electronic music production in general.

Wildhops answer was great though too. try modulating the ocs' amps slightly for some more dynamics, go to the voicing tab and turn up the amount of voices to your liking, that will add fatness and texture. also, the dimension expander!

Have you made sure your ASDR Envelope is set up right? You're not gonna get a good staccato if you have you Resonance or Sustain up too high.
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I`m not in front of Massive now and I have to wait until tomorrow.
The ADSR Envelope is the 4th Envelope, am I right?
Could one of you guys make me a .KSD file so I can study it? You don`t have to do the whole synth/bass recreation, only the settings you guys suggested me to try.
I would be very thankful for that!

And yea, when Wild Hopkins mentioned the Scream filter I had this little flashback, don`t ever put a LFO on the Scream filters` Resonance knob with the LFO set to half square. You will go partially def..

I`ll get back to you guys tomorrow to tell you how it went
Dissonance is underrated.