there was a sale on at an online guitar store and i had a bit of money to blow and im a compulsive buyer and bought a few pedals and have no idea what im doing. do they come with the cables? if not what kind do i need? is there any particular way i should have them set up (ive heard people are picky about the order of there pedals) and are pedal trains worth it? or are there any other alternatives.

thanks in advance.
No, they don't come with cables. You just need normal guitar cables. If you use more than one pedal then you need little patch cables to go between each pedal. They are just really short guitar cables.
Just experiment with the order but generally speaking - tuner first, then wah. Apart from that just experiment.
If your amp has an effects loop then put delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, flanger and any other time or modulation based effects in there.
What exactly are you talking about regarding "pedal train"?
If you mean a pedal board then you only really need one if you are moving the pedals around, like gigging.
If you mean a power supply, then you don't need one but it simplifies matters compared to using individual power adapters. It's worth spending money on a decent power supply, cheap ones introduce a lot of noise. If you aren't using many pedals then it's probably simpler to just use the adapters that came with the pedals if you have them.

As for alternatives. That depends on how much money you have to spend. For example a TC Electronics G-System is an example of top end alternatives to pedals. There are cheaper things of that ilk out there too. I use rack effects, myself.
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If you are talking about overall durability/ sturdyness, than yeah, a pedaltrain will keep your stuff organized. Then again, so will well constructed plywood for a much cheaper price.

Any sort of 6 inch cables will work. If you buy a power supply, make sure its good; I suggest the standard Voodo Lab Pedal Power 2.
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