Hello fellow musicians (Well I try to be) I have bought a line 6 Vetta II Combo about 2 months ago. Its got alot of potential by the stuff I have changed around with it, But there just is no good default sounds that sound good. So I have played around a but and just cant get a good heavy sound.

I obviously dont want to imitate any bands sound, As this should be copyright, But what is a good starting point on a good heavy sound with chunky palm mutes, sort of like a mix between :

[forbidden link]

and a ...And Justice for All sound

Yes I play alot of metallica, but not too much of a fan boy. And I know I can probably get no where near to there sound as its amazing especially when using a line 6 product.

So I'm just wondering, Is there any line 6 users that know how to get a good heavy metal sound out of a vetta ii combo. Thanks
Thanks, Finally someone replied lol. I will have to buy a midi cord I suppose, Didnt even think of trying out the patches. Hopefuly I can get one cheap retail, I hate waiting lol. Again thanks
You might just be able to ask on there for there settings, I am not sure how in-depth the vetta controls are, but I imagine that it would be plausible that someone could just tell you how to set it. Maybe I am just thinking impractically though.
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You don't have to talk down about Line 6 for no reason. The people here worth listening to are very aware of the difference between a Vetta and a POS Spider. It just so happens that the Vetta II is one of the best modeling amps out there. Top 5, I'm sure.

+1 to going to the Line 6 forums. I've read some threads there and they seem very informative and friendly.

IIRC, the Vetta is a very deep amp, no? 2 months isn't long enough to be concerned over, IMO. Just keep dialing away. Take a day or two if you can and just sit down in front of the amp and adjust settings until you're happy. That's what you should do with every new amp you get.
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