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Australian accents are on the top for me. There's always a few exchange students in my classes with them and it's great. German too.

East asain accents are terrible though.
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when she's trying to say something whilst having my **** in her mouth.
You who build these altars now

To sacrifice these children
You must not do it anymore
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^^ Shit how could I forget French? I'm so ashamed

but yeah, Embeth Davidtz's accent is a bit weak because she's lived in America, but still, how could someone not find this cute/hot?
Sadly I don't know many South African girls here, or any even
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Quote by sfaune92
Anything that doesn't sound posh or has a lot of inaudible consonants, making it sound like some whiney child.

In Norwegian, I might admit that I'm not a huge fan of Jærsk (Stavanger, Egersund, etc.), but I really like the sound of SOME Northern dialects. (Bodø, for instance, but not Mosjøen, Tromsø or anything from Finnmark)

My brother was in Bodø recently =O.

I love German, Scottish, and Irish accents.

Also, so some of you can record your voice.

Here is my voice.
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Well, you might make her think otherwise.

You could just show her that you have a PS3 and BANG.


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A chainsaw can take a girl off her feet pretty nicely. Then there are less limbs to worry about while you rape her.
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look nigga, if you're chillin with 5 bros and 2 hos, you're gonna wanna pay attention to all of em equally. not moon over the hos forever and laugh at every shitty thing they say and just stare at them all night, like some of my mates do.
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So-Cal (Southern California).
KY (Kentucky).
Cape Cod, MA
New Jersey
Washington D.C

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Does DC even have its own distinctive accent?
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I swear this guy in particular writes for the telegraph or some shit.

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fifth harmony defense force assemble
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