I decided a while ago that I wanted to give one of the Corvette standards a try because my only experience of Warwicks was with a Corvette $$, which put me off a bit, but it had the baseball bat neck and I've never been a fan of humbuckers.

I knew I wanted the natural bubinga finish rather than the ash, and I also decided I was going to plump for a Korean Pro Series one because of the thinner necks.

Given the second hand price of Warwicks at the moment buying a new one seemed like a stupid idea, so I just waited about until a nice second hand one came up. As it happened, the first one that came up was a 2009 one... which as I understand it is the only year they made them in Germany with the nice slim necks (the same year they reduced the neck size, but the year before the outsourced production to Korea). Pretty lucky really, means I got the best of both worlds. I doubt there's much difference between the Korean and German ones in terms of quality, but it is nice to have the Made in Germany thing.

Anyway, got this in the post on Thursday and I'm blown away by it to be honest. It's the first non-Leo instrument I've owned and really enjoyed. It's a joy to play, the tone is killer, and it's absolutely stunning to look at. Can't really believe what I've been missing.

And here are the photos! (they'll get bigger if you click on them).

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I ate your bass. It looked too tasty.
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NBD. The slap tones that can be had these are among the nicest I've heard.
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Ziphoblat - Congratulations on the new acquisition! Thats a gorgeous Corvette Standard - glad to hear you're pleased! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy!
Niiiice!! Is there any chance of you doing a sound clip comparing this with your Am Standard??? I'd love to hear that. And please, no effects!
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Very nice!
I'm in the process of buying the exact same one, if I'm lucky enough.
Thanks all!

And good choice on the bubinga. And the Germans are noticeably better..To me at least.

Good to know... I've never tried one of the Korean ones so I don't really have any point of reference, but I can say at least that the German ones are great. The bubinga is a lovely wood too, looks really good in the flesh (better than any of the photos I saw of it).

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Niiiice!! Is there any chance of you doing a sound clip comparing this with your Am Standard??? I'd love to hear that. And please, no effects!

I was planning on doing that anyway, already had someone ask me. Just got it uploaded now, here you are:


Not strictly "no effects" because it does have a subtle amount of compression on, but oh well :P.
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