So I saw a youtube video of a guy who said that if you take out the screws out of one coil of a Humbucker it will become a single coil pickup.
It sounds pretty easy and is a great way for people with HB-guitars to get single coil sounds.
So any thoughts on this? Does taking out the screw really disable the coil?
And would there be any reliability issues?

Here's the video

I'd say you could just go ahead and add a push/pull pot for coil splitting or parallel switching so you have both singlecoil-ish tones and humbucker tones without taking anything out of your pickups.
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you wont be "disabling" the coil, but you will be reducing its inductance. There are easier (and more convincing sound-wise) ways to make a humbucker sound like a single coil. It was hard to hear just how much the tone changed, but im thinking not much.

Interesting concept, but im not convinced you will have 0 hum. Reduced hum from a SC maybe, but it seems like you no longer have two equal coils. Im thinking the coil with out the screws will put out less voltage than the other one, so you will have hum with 0 phase and then less hum with 180 phase (so the superposition of the two will not be hum+(-hum)=0, it will be hum + (-k*hum) where k is some constant between 0 and 1.)

not really sure why they use screws in the first place to be honest!

edit: also this guy in the video is a little miss-informed electricaly, but at least hes trying to figure stuff out on his own and rationalize it. Nice to see people who try stuff for themselves before just shouting nonsense everywhere
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not really sure why they use screws in the first place to be honest!

It make it so you can adjust the individual poles on the pickup sou you can fine tune the pickup for diff radius fret boards.
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It worked nicely for a temporary solution until I get a Strat. Thanks random guy on youtube! It sounds purty.

edit: that's the annoying "Guitar Neck Facts for Dumb Mother****ers" guy, isn't it? huh.