Well after having to sell stuff, and two of the most painful shopping trips I've ever done I've gotten something that allows me to play and scarily enough I actually think this is better then some of the guitars I've bought before.

Here is my brand used Ibby GRG:

This thing is a beauty, and while the neck doesn't quite feel as thin as other higher end models, its still quite comfortable, and feels almost like a Schecter or ESP, so its still fairly thin, just not paper. I got a lovely silver color and is still a string through so I'm very happy about that. It has covered pick ups with a tribal inlay, and the standard maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and of course is a bolt on (honestly if someone sold me a neck through at that price I'd assume it was stolen or horribly damaged).

The pick ups are actually more lovely then I had been expected when I was starting to amp shop for later. I've owned a higher end Ibaenz and I think the ones on this one sound a lot better. Will I still be replacing them? Yes, but better then some of heard at that price point. Overall a pretty good purchase for the 105 for the guitar and the case, I had to buy cheap, but for the price with a few upgrades I think it will be a great guitar for a good long while. My only complaint is with the headstock where the tuning keys are very very poorly spaced and bunched together when you get to the higher strings.

Also never go shopping for guitars alone with a four year old, trust me.
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HNGD Gios are damn nice guitars for the money. I'm sure you will grow to love it.
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I had a Gio many years ago. I was surprised at how much I liked it. It had the sharkfin inlays and binding on the neck. I actually liked the neck better than the RG321 I had because it was beefier.
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Thats the funny part that I found a while ago I had a RG5SP1 and find that the pups on the Gio are superior sounding, I'm not sure why or how.

Also that RG is the point of one of my favorite jokes when I go to GC because I got it on clearance or something and got it more then half off (seriously like 250) because it was missing the alan wrenches and the whammy bar. I replaced the bar for 20. I always find it for 500 or so when I see it now.
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I like the silver! HNGD
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