not sure if my hands are too small but what da hell.

i bar the e, B, G strings on the 6th fret, ring finger on the B string, middle finger on the D string, and pinky on the A string.

my problem is that my ring finger always sliders down to the 9th fret when i put my pinky on the board.

i can play this chord, but just not that clearly (my pinky is well above the fret)
also- what chord is this?
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You've got the fingering right, now it's just practice. It's a tricky chord, no doubt.

As for what chord it is, that's probably debatable depending on context but the way I'm seeing it, it's an Eb7.
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you're playing it with the correct fingering. try to make a larger stretch between your third and fourth fingers.

it's a Gº triad.
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