Hey guys,
I don't frequent this end of the forum too much, but I figured you guys were the best to come to. So my brother just bought a Simmons SD7PK Kit from Guitar Center and it works all fine and dandy, save for one thing: the bass drum. If he hits it with a wide hand, it makes a sound, but if he uses a pedal then he gets no response. We bought it new and it came obviously used. We are wondering if you guys could help us out and save us the drive down to GC. Thanks.
This SD7PK Electronic Drum Set features high-quality drum and cymbal pads for professional sound and feel, a sturdy frame and rack clamps with enhanced durability, and a versatile drum module that features a variety of sound and rhythm choices.

The pad set includes 1 kick pad, 1 dual-zone snare pad, 3 tom pads, 3 cymbal pads, and 1 hi-hat foot control pedal. The rack is constructed of a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame for easy setup.
I have a SD7PK drum kit and would like to connect to my PC. The Cubase Ai CI 2 was just given to me and I am not certain how this will help and already digitised drum set? Maybe I am wrong here?? How do I get these drum signal thru the CI 2 and into the PC ?