Things to improve: Use your neck pickup for cleans. The leads could use more gain, and find some way to smooth them out more between your tone and your actual playing, they sound a little harsh. Timing issues. Some of those bends are out of tune.

Good things: It was good enough that I actually watched the whole thing. Sound quality was pretty okay, though it definitely lacks polish. I like that song a lot, love the Scorpions. With a little more practice I'm sure you could fix those timing issues. Also, good mix between your guitar and the original song, you didn't drown out the drums or vocals, but your guitar part was always audible.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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3 ram, nice

Thank you very much my friend for your valuable critics.

I lack so many things, especially hardware adjusting issues. And because I also lack in timing, i play along with the original track.

It's nice to know someone who loves Scorps thousands miles away. For me they are one of a few greatest bands off all time.