I've owned this amp for a number of years now, but lately it seems like the more I play it the less I like it. I could never get a decent sound from the dirty channel so I only use the clean channel. It wouldn't be so bad but it also sounds kind of off to me as well, and my Big Muff with ToneWicker, DS-1 and MXR 78 Distortion pedals sound kind of thin and muddy when turned on at any setting.

The amp is a 70 watt hybrid and uses two preamp tubes only. I currently use Mesa Boogie tubes(that are about a year old) as thats the only brand that the stores around me sell. I was considering ordering a couple different tubes online to mess with but I wasn't sure if changing them would make that big of a difference in this kind of amp.

So my question is besides getting a new amp, which I'm saving to do, is there anything in the meantime I can do to make it sound clearer and fuller?
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try using lower gain pedals or redusing the gain on your current ones. Too much gain in your signal path just reduces clairity and doesn't really beef anything up.

Overdrives are better for this kind of thing, since they focus on adding output and changing your tone a little bit instead of just dumping on gain. I like compressors too, but they're not everyone's cup fo tea. They also tend to get noisy when you add dirt.
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