I saw free powers lesson on string muting and it was a great video, but it didn't cover open string muting. Is this a problem area for anyone on these forum? Say I wanted to play the open high e string, followed by the open g string, followed by the open d string for example, without the strings ringing over the top of one another. Another example would be playing the open d note followed by fretted notes on the high e string, what if I don't want the d note ringing out after it's played. I have been working on cleaning up my playing in a major way and have come to some of my own conclusions, but would be interested to hear how others go about muting, especially open strings.
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For the first example it sounds like you would have to mute the strings with your fretting hand. Just dampen the strings with your fingers. For the second example I would mute with your picking hand, dampen the strings with the side of your hand near the bridge. I don't think their is a right or wrong way to mute open strings, you can use your fretting or picking hand, it all depends on the situation and specific song.