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I am hoping to get a lute for the holidays. For those of you who dont know what a lute is, it is pretty much the grandfather of the guitar. My problem is, i am left handed. There are virtuously no left-handed lutes in the market so here is my question.

Can you switch the strings of a lute around like a guitar for a lefty??

Please help me

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I imagine the complications would be very similar as you can't simply switch the strings around on the guitar either. The nut will need to be switched because putting your thickest string in place of your thinnest string will probably break your nut, and the bridge/saddle might suffer similar problems depending on how the bridge/saddle of a lute is.
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I can't find a good photo or illustration of the lute bridge, but it looks like they are made similarly to classical guitar bridges in that the strings tie on. Also, the saddle on most appears to be straight.
If so, it may be a matter of simply re-doing the nut. You may be able to use the existing nut, since classical guitar strings are closer in diameter to each other than are steel strings. The main thing is to make sure that the string fits the slot properly. If the slot is a little bigger than necessary, that's often no problem. However, if it's smaller, it can easily split.