im not a real fan of the "turn classic into metal shit" but I guess you did a good job playing it.
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Awesome job, you got mad skillz (yes, that "z" isnt a typo)! I liked your use of the whammy bar, thought it sounded pretty badass. I had to listen to it twice to see if I could find anything I'd change, but no, there's nothing! So you ask if you did it justice? I think that's an obvious yes! That 3rd movement is a beast of a song, but I think you nailed it.
C4C? http://soundcloud.com/rustausa/28-days-later-theme-cover-in
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So TIGHT, men your videos are better than porn. I really don't have anything to say because your cover is pure awesomeness, the only minor fall is you tone, it may be a little thinny, but you can easyly change that with a little of mixing. around the forum there are some guys that make that for free ^w^. but seriously PURE F... AWESOMENESS
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Hey man, you know, I'm really flattered to receive such comment for my work from a guitarist as you. I'm really glad to know such an amazing musicians as you and that's way I appreciate your comments so much. What can I say about this? I was sure that in some point of time you will need a bigger challenge for your skills, but it seems even the classic stuff is not a problem for you. Your playing is just... amazing, really. I can't believe how tight and flawless is your performance, keeping in mind what technique and skills are needed for playing it. This is just brilliant. I'm sharing this, this video just deserves as many views as possible. Great work again!
Cheers for the comment on my cover. I knew this was going to be good because I remember you from the Tongue-Splitter cover :P

Super clean tapping as always and just mad chops overall. Did you transcribe this yourself?