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Alienware M14x
39 55%
Apple Macbook pro 13"
32 45%
Voters: 71.
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I've had keyboard problems with vaio in the past, which is why I decided not to get one this tima around. But i do have acknowledge, they look damn nice.

I like how "easy" the mac is. Very low booting times, considerably fast, portable and considerably light. I can just stroll up to class and turn it on within a few seconds and get on with my work.

Well, alienware, I don't know. It's out of my list anyway, that thing is really heavy.
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The apple design is pretty intuitive as far as how fast it boots. Windows 8 can be just as fast if you get all of the crapware off the system that comes with it. You can get one faster for the same price, but as far as the feel of the OS, that's up to you and what you're willing to pay for.

And honestly, for what you said you were gonna do "Email, web, mix, etc." there's really not a lot of stuff that's going to be really different between the OS's for you. The software will be the same in either one. I hate it when college kids who only ever surf the web and write papers argue between Mac and PC as if there were even a difference for them.

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Well the Alienware is less overpriced because it can actually do something taxing, and has some good hardware inside. Macbooks are barely as good as PCs half their price.
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