Alright, so a little over a week ago I'm browsing guitars at GC because I'm in the market, and I spot this bad boy used for $350


It played really nice in the store, but the way the Floyd (Special) was set up I couldn't get it exactly in tune due to the A string being a bit out of whack. I decided that it'd be fine after setting it up correctly and bought it, got it home, and got it restrung. It plays pretty good, sounds great, and I'm overall pretty satisfied with it. My only gripe however, is I'm a bit iffy on the quality on the Floyd. I hear pretty negative things about the Special, and the tuning stability on it may be admittedly quite finicky.

My question now is, how exactly should I determine whether to keep the guitar or return it while I still can? I'm just not sure about it, and I can't spend any more money on it. It just seems like a really good deal.

If I decided to nyx the LTD I would end up going with something like this I'm guessing. I don't have a huge budget.


Does anybody have any suggestions on how to go about my situation? I'm looking for a fairly versatile guitar if possible (not that the LTD necessarily is), but definitely veering more towards a metal/shred guitar. I really like locking tremolos, and would prefer it to have one, but I don't want the guitar to constantly be coming out of tune. That's not good at all.

Right now (besides the LTD I guess) I'm sitting on an Epiphone SG Special, which is terrible, and a Randall RH200, which I'm fairly content with. I'm a decently proficient player. Not amazing or anything, but I can get by with most stuff alright, and I live in a fairly urban area.
I know nothing of the Floyd Rose Special, but the Edge III trem is crap. Avoid it unless you intend to spend the money to block or it completely replace it with a better tremolo.
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Worst case scenario keep the current guitar and save up and buy an Original Floyd Rose. Although I had a Floyd Rose special and it was a beast no matter how hard the dive bomb was it stayed in tune.
It's never really gone completely out of tune, but it just eeks down a little bit. Not even noticeable unless put up against the note or a tuner.

I suppose I could try the buying a Floyd Rose Original route too.

If I were to go for a fixed bridge, what would my best option be for around $450ish? Less if possible
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My general rule of thumb with any sort of floating bridge is if its a mid to lower level instrument (the cheaper LTDs, MIM Strats, cheaper Ibanez) then its probably best to be avoided. Get a hard tail guitar unless you want to put up the extra money for locking tuners, upgraded nut and what ever else should be done.

For $450 bucks you're looking at Epi Les Pauls, standard/custom. Both are pretty nice. The better LTD's should be in that price range too. Also keep an eye for PRS se guitars, very good quality for the price.

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Is the saddle in the bridge for the A string messed up (does it indentations in it, shaped like string coils)? If not, then there's probably nothing wrong with it.

If you were having problems with all the strings staying in tune, then it could be a matter of worn knife edges.

The vast majority of "Floyd Rose Problems" though, is just people not stretching the strings enough. And if that's the problem, then it will happen regardless of what bridge you use.

The main problem people have with Edge III Trems is they change the action height with the strings under tension and ruin the knife edges. The second problem with them is often the adjuster for the tension in the trem arm won't get it tight enough, so there's slop or worst case, the bar won't even stay in the hole.

Adjusting the action with the strings under tension isn't good for any trem adjusted at the posts, but since the Edge IIIs and some LFRs & low-end FRs (like the Special) are made from softer metals, that can really tear up the knife edge. Lots of times that happens in the guitar store before you can even buy the guitar. It's a real crapshoot with the used guitars.

My Schecter LFR now has grooves in the saddles; that has hurt tuning stability after whammy use--for the first 3 years I had the guitar I could abuse it all day without losing a cent of tuning, even if I left the strings on 6 months.

My Ibanez with an Edge III still keeps perfect tune regardless of how long the strings have been on. I had it in the case once for over a year, and it was spot on when I pulled it out again. The only problems I have with that guitar is the bar won't stay in well and the "cosmo" finish wore off quickly.

My Ibanez with an "Original Edge" hasn't had any problems at all.

Blocking a Floyd will only solve problems related to dull knife edges or for users who can't figure out how to make spring tension = string tension.

Get a fixed bridge if you want, but that's kind of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I've got 7 guitars and the only one with a fixed bridge is the acoustic. And I rarely play it.

BTW, if you're not using a "String Stretcha", then chances are you're not fully stretching the strings. It's not easy to stretch strings evenly by hand...
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If you like the LTD, I'd stick with it, and stretching the strings out will go a long way towards tuning stability, even if just doing it by hand. I personally wouldn't worry too much about the trem at this point if the guitar is in good condition.

I have a KH 202 with an LFR similar to yours. The guitar was my main axe for a couple of years, in which time it was used at band practices, gigs, and put through all kinds of use and abuse. In short the floyd held up for about 5 years before it started getting problematic tuning wise.

So if money is an issue and you like the guitar you would probably be okay to hold off on upgrading the bridge until you have more funds.
i wont buy any cheap tremolo guitar. i have three guitars with trems, two prestige ibbys, and a wofgang. they are all solid and never go out of tune. i love them.

uless you have the money to get either an OFR or a good ibanez trem i would go hardtail. also, i think most people think they will use one more than they actually do. for example, myself.
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I have a guitar with a cheap traditional trem (Behringer iAxe Metalien. I bought it for the price not the ability to hook it up to my computer). I tightened the trem down so I can only make the tone go lower. Along with stretching my strings, getting proper strings (in this case it looks like $3.99 Dunlops are the best for me), tightening the tuners so there is no slop and the aformentioned "blocking" I have no trouble keeping my guitar in tune. maybe all it takes for some cheap trems is a bit of work.
First question: Will you use the trem at all? If yes, would you realy go "higher"?

If not for any of those 2 questions, then IMHO, you should just block it and be done with it.

If you do use it to go higher, set it properly and you'll be good with any one of those 2.

As for the comparaisson between the two, I used to have a LTD MH-301 and it was a pretty good instrument, and I have an RG350DX wich is pretty good also. I personnaly prefer ibanez due to the slimmer neck, but both are pretty good instrument.
Thanks for the feedback.

I use the Floyd quite often. I like doing those crazy Slayer style divebomb deals with it a lot. I can't say I've sat down with the guitar yet and not done something with the arm. It's something I'd really like to have, but I just want the guitar to be as top notch quality as I can get.

I can't say I ever really go up/higher with it. I don't know a huge amount about what the different things you can do with a Floyd are though. I've just read through the sticky.

I do really like Explorer shaped guitars. Just out of curiosity and for consideration, are there any good ones in my price range?