So apparently I'm not the only one here with a taste for country. The good stuff, mind you!

I guess discuss good ol' country like Johnny Cash, n' stuff.
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The Statler Brothers - New York City. Fantastic
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my gf's a big country fan,

i'm not...

i just don't get it...

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This came out in 2011 on my favorite record label (which is primarly rap and punk), I know its the exact opposite of classic country, but I enjoy them and felt this would go good here if anyplace . Suburban Noize records is good at bringing all sorts of music genres together

Keith Urban. Yeah, you could call his music pop country or soft rock, but go see the man live. He can definitely play.

I swear this is country; Even though it's Cher.

Nonetheless, I like it.
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Merle haggard, johnny cash, and especially hank III, I have seven of his albums and looking for more.
Keith Urban and Brad Paisley are the best guitarists ever in country music...agree or disagree?
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Keith Urban and Brad Paisley are the best guitarists ever in country music...agree or disagree?

What a great joke.
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Ah, I loves me some country music. I grew up on this stuff. Love the old school country artists like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings etc.

My all-time county fav is Garth Brooks, the guy never had a song I didn't like.
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I don't know how you can group Garth in with the likes of Waylon,Hank and Johnny. Hes not even a peanut in one of their shits!