Tisi one of my recorded songs which I'm kind of happy with, just wanted to hear all y'all opinions!

I will C4C of course, but I can't promise it will be fast because I'm tired as an ass when I get home from work, so maybe 3-5 days max for a returned crit!

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5. Augmented Fifth Scale (F).gp5
I'll start off with it's a very solid song. There's not much I can fault it on musically as it flows very well. It would of appealed to a younger me.

It is a definite pop punkish-core type song. I find it a bit boring though. Nothing really stands out as a defining factor of the song. Maybe the lead guitar isn't popping through the mix enough to be the hook. Or there just needs to be a better hook.

Overall I can't fault it as I'm not into this type of music any more and I hope I haven't offended you in any way.

Anyway C4C?