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So I'm editing my song and I've decided I want to make the last note of the solo to really ring out, how do I manipulate the note to let it ring? i've tried flex time but it doesn't seem to be working, thanks
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It'd be best to punch in that note. Trying to stretch notes can get funky real quick. If that's not an option, try a quick delay and adjust the feed back so it fades out at the right time.
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Is it ringing already?? as in you want more presence, volume. in this case you can add an envelope and use effects like compression / volume. Or cut and drop it to another track etc.

If it's not ringing, i suppose you could copy /paste then add effects.. but re-recording the note would be quicker and sound better.
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Elastic Audio in Pro Tools, only way to go :p
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Quote by lockwolf
Elastic Audio in Pro Tools, only way to go :p

This guy knows.

If you can't re-record, then hopefully you're using pro tools and therefore just use elastic audio to stretch it. Before you commit to the change best to listen over it to make sure there are no odd noises and that it still sounds natural.

Pro tools can do this pretty much flawlessly if you use it properly

Also, a bit of compression can help keep a note sustained, but not too much; compression can ruin a sound.

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Quote by MaXiMuse
You can also copy/duplicate the note and use long crossfade to lengthen it.

came in to say this.