This is the final mix/demo for this song. There are a few kinks I'd work out if I were to release this as a legitimate recording, but overall I'm pretty happy with this mix

Thank you!
Music must be honest to be timeless.
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holy. that was freaking brutal brother! great chops and awesome playing man. how long have you been playing for? man I just wish there was more crazy leads over those rhythms you laid down
Good stuff man, I like the guitar tones and the levels are pretty tight. Maybe turn down the bass just a little bit. Your transitions definitely need to be improved in certain parts. Using reverse cymbals and slowing rising guitar levels helps a lot for transitions, as well as drum fills. Drums are a little too loud in that last clean part and overpower the guitar a little. Overall good job reminded me of btbam a little.

Somehow got the motivation to track bass, master the drums, and tweak some of the transitions...I think it sound significantly better now! And to answer iSouLeZz, I've been playing guitar for 9-10 years now, I write stuff like this to try to get better. I have no motivation to learn other people's songs so I make my own lol
Music must be honest to be timeless.
Whoa, some epic riffs there. Drums are weird in a really cool way, liking what you did there. Great tone as well, quite clear. What did you use to record the guitars? The tone has this really fine grain which I liked a lot. The double tracking seems a little off in some places though, like a note comes from the left a split second before the right- 1:54 is one example, and 3:49, unless you're deliberately playing it different? Love the clean bits. Maybe add some compression Bulb style, like from All New Materials? Lead's are well written, nothing to suggest here
Starts off pretty brutal, hitting me from all angles lool! If progressive is what you're going for then you got it man, I cannot predict where the song will go. Some pretty cool riffs too, this isn't really my cup of tea anymore but I can still appreciate good metal. I like the beginning of that middle section, and the riff that follows it with the blast beats is just awesome.Keep it up!
Im listening to the song now. At first it was very caotic sort of like btbam, im not sure if i liked that or not whitout vocals. But a very nice thing you did in this, was that you inserted breaks and stuff that made the music breathe. The lead that came a little later reminded me of meshuggah. Nice chord riff later, reminded me of deftones. But i would say that the first section of the song is death metal, and rest is progressive. Nice overall!
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Great tone as well, quite clear. What did you use to record the guitars? The tone has this really fine grain which I liked a lot.

I use Line 6's UX-1 POD with the POD Farm Software and record directly, edit and mix with Reaper. The tone itself took me awhile to get where I like, if you use the same software or will in the future I could upload the two tones I used and some other variations of it
Music must be honest to be timeless.
Brutal stuff, really liked the intro section, although more just standard death metal not really progressive, didnt like the 2.09 break thing, kinda just took the momentum out of the song.

the riffs around the 3minute mark are sweet, i really like extended chords like that. and the pantera-esque riffage after that.

Solo has the right vibe to it, just a bit sloppy on the sweeping, but im shit at sweeping so i cant bag you much on that. solo was just a bit 'wanky' with no real catchy sections or melodies you know? just really generic licks. i would rethink the solo a bit, but other than that pretty damn good recording. obviously could do with lyrics as for the length of it, it cant really stand alone instrumentaly.
Hey, nice work dude! Your mix seems a little bit off though. I'd suggest taking some (not a lot) of the low frequencies out of the guitar to let it sit better in the mix and boosting the drums a little bit.

Other than that, great track!

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