Hi, I have a Johnson Dreadnought & I was wondering if it was possible to make some changes to it to make it sound better or should I just get a new guitar? If so which one? I'd like to have a martin but I do not have 2k to put on an acoustic guitar. So I was looking at Yamaha's and Seagulls ( made in Quebec w00t w00t )
I'm not quite sure, but the sound isn't all that rich. I think I'll have to set my action correctly too because the strings buzz on the frets. But I mean overall, would changing the saddle help ?
Changing the saddle material will affect tone, yes.

My advice would be to look into strings first though.
I have changed strings gauge and all. Keep in my that my guitar isn't a great one either, that's my whole point. What could I do to make it better, sound better etc. Or is it not worth putting the money onto that particular guitar? Should I try getting a new one ?
Changing strings or the saddle won't make a mediocre guitar a great guitar.
A good guitar comes with good tone wood, which costs. So here's why cheap guitars won't sound as good and rich as expensive ones. Having said that, I know of some fairly cheap guitars, that do sound rather nice.
Changing the saddle may help a little, but I doubt it makes you love your guitar again.

May I ask how much this Johnson of yours has cost? What model? Is it made/ partly made from massive tone wood? Or is it fully plywood?

If you're going for a new guitar, what's your budget? Luckily nowadays, Chinese manufacturing comes with great yet affordable guitars made from decent wood.

Recording King and Sigma guitars come to mind, but also a lot of other brands.
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