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Hey, I'm the lead guitarist in an Indie/Alt. rock band. Until now I've been using a 100w Marshall combo which was fine to begin with, but now we're playing slightly bigger venues I really need to splash out on something louder. So any recommendations?

I'm not rolling in money so please take price into consideration, but, at the same time, I am looking for an amp with some durability to it, so if it's worth the extra dosh then I'm happy to splash out.

Let the pit decide!

EDIT: After being pointed towards the rules part of the forum, here's the info required:

Budget: I'm looking to spend £400-600, but I can re-evaluate if this is too optimistic for what I'm looking for

Genres: Indie/Alt. Rock - Main influences are fairly mainstream rock bands such as Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Muse and Kasabian, but we play quite a variety so I need an amp that can handle mid-level gain as well as having a good clean tone

Preferably I would like first-hand gear.

I live in Salisbury, UK. The only local music retailer is Musicroom, but I tend to make most guitar-related purchases online.

This amp will mostly be used with a Fender Blacktop HSH Stratocaster and my Indie Super T Telecaster(however, I may on occasion also hook up my Fender electro-acoustic)

Thanks for any help
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answer the questions in the sticky at the top of this frum and we can help.

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Forget about going new with that budget.

You should easily be able to get a Marshall DSL half stack used in your budget though, unless I'm forgetting Marshall prices over there.

Also look out for a Laney VH100, though they're usually a bit more costly.
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^ i dunno. I've seen some pretty good deals recently- gak was blowing out the genz benz stuff, the 4x12 cab with private jacks was £200 (though you'd want to check it's actually plywood, the specs suspiciously don't say). That'd leave you £400 for the head... should be able to get something at least decent for that kind of money.

or you could always go the combo route... should be able to get a decent combo for that kind of money. e.g. traynor ycv50b on thomann.
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well i really dont get that, as most larger venues will have better house setups, giving you the ability to use a smaller amp...

kinda a catch 22. the smaller, less equipped or outdoor gigs might require the larger amps, big venues you just mic everything anyways.

i know a lot of career musicians these days who sold their stacks for boutique 15 watters 1x12 setups. i ask, "hey do you ever have issues with projection etc with that?"

the answer was no not really. almost every venue i can mic up.

watts really doesnt mean louder, and i think anything 40 watts or more will give you enough headroom for good cleans. difference between 40 watts and 100 watts is almost nothing volume wise. all headroom and power, bottom end, feel.

what really might make a difference is a good cab setup, with very high SPL speakers, like wizards or something. at 103 SPL, these speakers will overpower most normal speakers at 95-98 SPL.

so i would say a 40-50 watt amp, 2x12, with wizard speakers would probably drowned out a 100 water going through a crappier setup with 95 SPL speakers....



wait, what amp do you have? is it a MG solid-state? that doesnt count man. apple and oranges. solid state watts would explain a bit of your volume / presence / projection woes

(cue pointless rambling soliding state vs tube debate......)
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Go with what Dave_Mc said. Get the Genz Benz, they're fantastic cabs especially for 200 pounds.

You can probably get a used Marshall DSL or a Jet City JCA50 or 100 for 400. Don't get the reissue DSL though, they're said to sound much worse than the originals.
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i got my jca50h new for £250. if thomann ever gets them back in, they'd hopefully be the same price. even if they don't, there should be some options around the £400 mark.
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