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I'm new here and I've recently decided to start recording my own songs that I've been playing around with on and off for a few years. I just wanted to share this one I recorded the other day. I think its a catchy little tune that starts off with an old school thrashy riff but then proceeds into some fun (over-the-top) guitar shredding. I eventually want to develop it into a full song so let me know what you guys think for now:


Jealous of your life right now; God, I wish I could play that kind of stuff! Given that I am definately not a shred dude, I basically cannot offer much besides hyperbole about the guitar skills. However, from a strictly song-writing standpoint, how about this: right after the the wailing note at 1:30, kick in with a minor chord-infused breakdown and noodle around with a more slow, "the-breakdown-of-YYZ" style solo? It would add an unexpected change of pace, and then allow you to drive the song back home with the riff and another (albeit abbreviated) guitar solo.

Just my two cents; mind if I bother you for yours? I'm looking for feedback on some "eh" tunes I've recorded in the last day or so:


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Hey thanks for the complements and the feedback. I was actually planing doing a similar thing that you had mentioned after the wailing note with the exception of a tempo change or half time feel. The rest of the song right now is pretty much a loop of that solo-backing. The reason I ended it there was because I ran out of musical ideas with the guitar noodling haha. I want to eventually navigate back to the first two parts of the song but play the parts in reverse so I end with the opening riff.
Yea I agree with the first guy. It would be nice at that point to throw in a curveball. It starts to feel a little "same-y" It is very very well played and the video is entertaining haha. Great job man I really like it. Lookin forward to hearing it all complete

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Thanks, Kevin
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Yeah I think we can all agree that the solo probably extends on too long; there was no one there to cut me off haha. Eventually it will be a full song and I also think it has to change at the spot you guys are mentioning... or probably a little bit before? I've got a few ideas but I kind of want to keep the aggressive upbeat vibe going. Maybe the half time feel with just some bass would add some dynamics to it and it can ramp back up for the ending. Who knows what I'll do.
Very nice. I vote for some chugging riffs halfway through the solo, kinda set them apart. How long you been pickin dem strings?
I like the way you're thinking gunsnroses#1. I'm feeling the chug too; just a simple headbanging chuggalong haha! I've been playing for 8 years now if my memory serves me correctly.
I tried that but I made the lead track too loud and the drums are weak. When I record it properly I plan on giving it more balls lol. Thanks dude.