I have been working on my solo album for about 11 months now, and lately I have had my friends come over to help me on some verses that I will feature them on, one of my friends is an amazing freestyle rapper, the other one has a great delivery but like me must write lyrics down and measure out the delivery.

I have noticed when I work with them if I have a writers block and they lay a couple bars together of vocals or a guitar riff it sparks a new light in my brain and gets me going again, also so does a drinking game we play. we each say a sentance and the next person follows up with a sentance with an end rhyme, the person who looses takes a drink, either way we all end up winning.

When im by myself I just explore the internet for inspiration, and this forum seems to be a great source of information as well.

I was just wondering, what do you do to get out of a writers block slump, what type of music do you normally compose?

I mentioned in another post, develop a mind-map of how you are going to write, draw it out by hand and use some tools. I use a spinner to help me come of with variations, the tool suggest a number of synonyms that help you overcome over used words when you are writing. How many ways can you write; Woke up this morning..
Your conscious mind is very creative and analytical at the same time when you are writing, stop it from being analytical while you are being creative. If you can write your life with every second you live, that's all you would be doing is' writing