this is not a what amp thread, let's get that out of the way.

Can someone explain the differences between the different models, 2203, 2204, 2205, etc?
What I think I know:
2203: 100w, can turn into a 2204 by yanking two power tubes + impedance switch
2204: 50w no verb
2205: this is where I get fuzzy...two channels? verb?

Which one has the most gain on tap other than the Kerry King/Zakk Wylde sigs? Or is there not much of a difference?

and how bout them JMPs? Where do they come into the question?
The 2203 is a 100w head, the 2204 a 50w head, and the 2205 a 50w head with two channels and reverb, IIRC.

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As for most gain, I'm not sure there's a difference. Those guys either boosted their amps, modded them, or both at various points in their carreers, which is why theirs are so high-gain.

I'm not familiar with the JMP's. The only Marshall's I've really cared about have been the JCM's, Bluesbreakers, and Plexi's, and I don't know nearly as much about the latter two. The JCM series has always been the one I've favored, although, it's had it's moments where it disappointed. (See: JCM900 4100 Dual Reverb, Flaming JCM200's)

Really, the SLX and MKIII JCM900's were supposed to sound like hot-rodded 800's, sou you could always look into one of those, if you're asking because you want to buy.

Really, though, Splawn.
meh, not necessarily to buy although it'd be pretty sweet. I'm looking into a lot of stuff, quickrod, electradyne, jcm800, super drive and just wanted to clear up the 800 info.

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You can see on the drtube link which models were which.

The two channels ones are crappy unless you are a modder, you can do marvelous things with the 2205/2210 but in stock trim they are a fizzy mess.

There are two basic types of the 2203/2204. Vertical inputs and horizontal inputs. The horizontals have PCB mounted pots and jacks and less filtering in the power supply, cheaper transformers. Basically they were the victim of cost cutting.
The verticals are the good ones, both are good though, the verticals are just better.

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