FT: 2007 Epi LP Standard Ebony w/JB (JBJ sticker) for Explorer or Schecter/ESP

I have a 2007 Epiphone Les Paul in Ebony that I am putting up for trade. Only reason that I am trading it is because I have 3 other Les Pauls, and this one doesn't get played. I want something different.

About the Les Paul:
-Installed Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro neck and JB (has the JBJ sticker) bridge
-Installed 2 CTS Audio and 2 CTS Tone pots in a 50's style wiring. Has a .015uf capacitor in the neck and .022uf in the bridge
-Gold speed knobs
-Has one slight ding to the left of the bridge pickup. Tried my best to capture it in a pic
-Comes with soft padded gig bag. I have a hard shell case that may be negotiated in.


What I would like to try to trade for is an Epiphone Explorer or Flying V. I will also consider Schecters and ESP guitars. Basically anything really. Just hit me up with offers.