I have a Marshall ED-1 that I bought recently, and the emphasis knob is broken off and so, useless. I can't seem yo fond the type of pot to replace it anywhere, except for on ebay. My problem is that the only value so can find is 500k whereas there is a 100k pot in it already.
My question is, what effect will the different pot value have on the pedal?
I did, and he was quoting 20 odd euro, whereas I can get 4 of the 500k's for 18 online
You only require one knob though? Why does it matter if you can get 4 of them for 18?
Sorry if I was unclear.
I need a 100K pot, and one of them from Marshall costs 20 euro.
I found on Ebay 4 500K pots for 18.

Obviously the 500k's are a much better deal, cause they are also described as higher than standard quality, but I'm asking what difference will this new value have on the pedal.