Here is my new song, definitely the heaviest i've written! Some of the riffs were a real pain to play, there is a stretch from the 5th to the 11th fret at some point!


gear used:
yamaha pacifica (crunchlab in the bridge)
squier 5 string
lepou impulses for guitars
tse bod and gr5 for bass
sd2.0 with kick and snare samples
Sick-ass shiz bro ! Wouldn't for a sec blv that was a Pacifica (I owned one and if I knew I could get it to sound this good I never wouldve sold it off) altho Im sure the Dimarzios make a huge diff.

There's nothing I can crit..the production is good, the playing is super tight and the music is catchy as hell. Would love to hear this wid vocals. Good job !

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Oh man this needs more attention. Absolutely sick guitar tone, I might try out those lepou impluses after hearing this. Drums are spot on, samples sound great. Did you use any eqing/compression on the guitars? Also what are you using for synth?

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Very nice, TS! It reminds me of Dream Theater (in that you had heavy guitar, keys, etc.). I really liked how it started out soft and then built up. Then main song was very well done as well. I liked the riffs a lot.

Mind if I hit you up for a crit later? Waiting on a piece of equipment before I record.
beginning was awesome. the first set of arpeggio riffs were okay, kinda plain without anything else. i'm all for keeping it restrained when necessary, but i wasn't feeling it there. the end section was my favorite. really good stuff!
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Oh dang, this is heavy as hell, great mixing and awesome riffs. I reckon with some vocals it might seem a little less empty at points, but overall I really liked it, I liked the way the outro developed too!