So I've been looking to record my own stuff at my own house, I don't even use an amp anymore. I just plug into my interface and use Pod Farm as an Insert.

I was wondering if changing the pickups from stock IBZ-Loz pickups to DiMarzio Crunch Lab-Liquifire would make any difference at all in the Pod Farm tone?

I know it would definitely make a difference with an actual amp, but I'm not sure if the different types of dry signals from the interface could make a difference, considering Pod Farm is basically burying it with effects. Can anyone give me some advice? Has anyone been through this?

Should I make the switch or save my money?
Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, it does make a difference. I upgraded the pickups and electronics in my Blacktop Telecaster earlier this year and it made a huge difference. The BKP Nailbombs it has now are a lot beefier and defined than the stock pickups ever were.

I heavily recommend Pod Farm for anyone looking into home recording, or even just wanting to practice silently with a pair of headphones, etc. The only thing I think the program desperately needs is the ability to use your own IR's.

Maybe it doesn't as much difference as it does with a 'real' amplifier, but amp modelers and simulators will get spoken about badly no matter what happens, that's just how a lot of people seem to be . It's not the best modeler out there, but I made the purchase a while back and I'm chuffed to bits with it - fantastic piece of software!
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+ 1 to the above.....while the differences are very subtle they certainly are there. I am often switching guitars for different songs and have also changed pick ups in a guitar purely for using podfarm. You can get some great sounds out of podfarm...I think the mistake people make is they try to make things sound like an SLO or a Mesa or a Marshall jcm 800 instead of finding a sound that is just their tone