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Hi Gamblor, We don't have bandcamp, but you can hear it directly from our site.

I'll leave the link and you just have to press on the play display button and the tracks will open.You can also download the tracks if it suits your wish.

Thanks you!!

Band: TrYangle

Genre: Rock(...)
Quote by Gamblor84
Got this on now. Very nice indeed.

You have an EP or something in the pipes?

Haven't been on this in a while.....

The plan for the EP is to release it in parts. So the 3 tracks up there are part 1. Part 2 is being recorded at the moment and then part 3 is still getting written. We have 2 tracks ready to go and another 2 that need some fine tuning. The last part will probably end up being released in September/October.

Thanks for listening man. The reviews you have been putting up look great!
Hey here.
Prog tech-death from space:
doom/sludge from... hell!:
prog metalcore from... Canada, I dunno;
(The free version of the album for the last band is in the download description)
Hey Gamblor,

This is instrumental post rock/metal. Our band name is Nomia and we are from Minneapolis, MN. We just released an album titled "Iron and Rust." Thanks and enjoy!
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