Hi guys!
This is my first post in the UG forum, **** yeah!

Now lets get down to buisness.
I've got a american standard Fender with original single coil pickups.
What I want to do is to replace the bridge pickup to a humbucker (in single coil format) that gives my strat some extra power.

Now my question to you guys is, what pickup should I go for?
I've been checking out the seymour duncan hot rails/JB Jr and DiMarzio Chopper this far
but I'm kinda confused. Do you have any tips?

The most important to me is that it is great when it comes to distortion. I want something like the Morello/Jack white sound. May not be possible on a strat but something that brings me closer to that sound!

Fire away
Don't forget about the lil 59. It won't have the clarity for metal if you ever want to got that route, but it's a sweet pickup for crunchy rock.

Basically, the hot rails are for metal, the JB is for versatility, and the lil 59 is for blues and rock. That might be an oversimplification, but that's how I see it.
My favorites are the Tone Zone S, Super Distortion S, Injector Bridge (dimarzio)
and the Hotrails and lil JB (duncan)

Keep in mind that the S variant of the full-size humbuckers aren't going to sound exactly the same as the real thing - usually they have slightly less output and low end - but they will be very similar in tone. The good news is that most all MIA strats are routed HSH, so you could put a full-size humbucker in both the bridge and the neck position and all you would need to do is swap out to an HSH or HSS-style pickguard (Warmoth makes them, as well as Fender OEM parts)

I've done this to my start (pics on my profile) and it works great!

Another thing to take note of is pot value - most single coil Fenders come with 250k pots from the factory - generally for humbuckers, you will want 500k value pots. You can still use the 250k pots if you like, but you won't get as much output or high end that you would with a 500k (imagine a 500k pot rolled down to half; that's what a 250k sounds like)

Just something to think about...
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I use a JBjr in the bridge of a tele and it is my choice over the other Duncan's.
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