i know some people have a problem of never using the pinky, but is it ever bad to overuse the pinky? i.e i'm playing the pentatonic scale and i'm using the index and pinky almost every single string
The really important thing is that you can use whatever finger you need when you need it and it still sounds good. If that's not the case then you need to work on it but that's all you really need to think about.
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That's actually probably a pretty good thing. If you use your pinky a lot, then you should build up some decent strength in that finger. Like you said, the pinky is a weak point in a lot of players' technique or whatever. Obviously though i would recommend using all of your fingers as much as you can, but getting a lot of use out of your pinky is good imo.
Sounds like you're using it unnecessarily... Obviously you should be using the pinky when it's needed but using it for whole tone gaps seems a little pointless. While obviously it's good to train your pinky to be useful and as good as the other fingers, if you use just it and your index finger for pentatonic scales it implies to me that either a) you don't have very good finger independence and find it difficult to go from using index-pinky to index-ring in a short space of time or b) you can't stretch more than half tone gaps with anything but your pinky (which really is a problem).

As a general rule, think one finger per fret (eg. 5-8 would be index-pinky, 5-7 would be index ring). Of course that's not always the case, it depends on context for example if you're playing 5-7-9 you'll want use use index-middle-pinky, or if playing 4 notes per string (say, 5-7-8-10) you'll obviously use index-middle-ring-pinky.
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You should try using your 2nd and pinky for pent, should be a good exercise anyways. Then you could use the index to reach down 2 or 3 frets sometimes
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It really depends on your level of playing in my opinion.

Can you play E shaped barre chords? Can you switch from pent to chord to pent? and so on..

IF no, then use your Ring more where your supposed to use it..it will help your Ring finger independence and positioning for later.

IF yes, You've been playing for 30years and all that is trivial... then use your pinky.. who cares.