I am looking to buy a new guitar in the next couple of months and I've been looking around at the £500 ($800) price range, I've been looking at a few guitars such as the Ibanez S770FM, Schecter Damien Elite Avenger-FR and the Schecter Damien Elite FR Cred, I did look at the Dean razorback Lone Star but I've heard bad things about the lower end Razorbacks so I want to keep it safe. Now the Ibanez has the ZR tremolo system, I love how thin the guitar is and the necks meant to be pretty good too, but I'm worried with it being so thin has it still got a nice tone to it?
Where as the Schecter's aesthetically looks really great and has the EMG 81/85 active pickup set up which I really as well, but I'm worried about how thick the neck is, I want a guitar that has a fairly thin neck but still has a nice tone to it.

I'm just in two minds about the guitars, I play mostly rock/Metal but I also play a whole variety of styles of music, so I'm looking for something that sounds great distorted but also has a really nice clean tone to go with it, so just a nice all round guitar which has good play-ability and is reliable.
Here are all 3 guitars:

Thank you
Get the Ibanez and swap the pickups. You'll love the ZR Trem...
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Ibanez > anything else.
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the schecter doesn't have a thick neck- it is a major misconception about schecters that their necks are baseball bats. it's not a wafer, but it definitely isn't thick. check out the newer SLS series though- their necks are ibanez thin.

the ibanez is, in my mind, the better guitar. it's a good trem and the guitar sounds great. if you're digging the EMG's, you should consider the S920E. It might cost a bit more than your budget (maybe 50 GBP), but it's a very nice guitar to play (just about bought one myself, but the shop had an RG massively marked down due to shipping damage).

both would be good guitars though. they're both metal guitars that can do other stuff.
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