hello its been a while since i have been on here i was deployed in afghganaland for a year and now that im back one of the thingsi would like to do is get back in to collaberating with others on songs, but with my time in the stan i have came up with an idea to help some charities that help the men and women that have our back 24/7...... the idea is to mainly get other military members (past or present, any branch) to collaberate on tracks get them mastered and sell them giving 100% of the proceds to groups such as the wounded warrior project, various VA hospitls, etc..... im also under the impression there is a group that uses music to reabilitate the soldiers that are recuping from injuries.
ths being said i believe that i should open this up to any one. ill do the majority of the tracks at first mainly because after a year of deployment i have a small arsonal of ideas and with being home for 4 days already have 3 songs recorded. i will be 100% open to changing the track to others ideas like i said its a collaberation ...... the bigest thing i need is bass and vocals........ guitars we can have as many as need be i am a die hard maiden fan so if there are 8 different guitarist on a track ill most likly think it still needs one more lol........ but yea the bass and vocals will be needed so if you are one of the two and are interested then you got the gig lol......... im still puting it all together if your interested contact me here or on my email joshua.hayes1983@yahoo.com

and for an idea of my musical tastes i have 5 old songs on my page but like i said i would like this to be a collaberation so if you have the means and would like to add a finished song or all most finsihed song for this im game

i think this could be a great way to show appriciation to these men and women and a great way to use one of the freedoms we fight for to do so and raise a lil money for other organizations that help them