Hey all, I'm interested in a telecaster. I tried today a Fender Baja tele but the neck felt a bit too thick for me (in comparison to my Fender Jazzmaster and es-335). It was the only tele I got a chance to play, anyone know any with thinner necks?

Budget around £400-600, preferably new, I don't wanna go down the eBay route. I'm not too fussed if it's a cheap mexican or squire provided it sounds good. I'll mainly want it for cleans and light distortion, a sort of arctic monkeys and strokes sound I suppose.

Any reccomendations on what I should try out next time? I'm gonna travel to a shop in Birmingham UK where they have better choices.

Cheers all!
Try out the standard teles to start, what kind of pickups are you wanting? Humbuckers? I'm not familiar with either bands you listed.

A standard tele can handle light distortion without any issues.
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I think really the best thing anyone can recommend you do is go and try as many different teles as you can get your hands on.

That said, it's been a while since I played one but I always find the standard teles to be very comfortable to play, nothing wrong at all with the standards.
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Well, the Baja is actually the cheapest I'd personally go.

Maybe look if you can find a used American Special or Highway One (the Special is just slightly out of your price range and the HW1 isn't in production anymore).
Or maybe just get a Mexican Standard in a colour you like and replace the pickups.
The Mexican Cabronita Tele might also be worth a try.
Or there is the '62 Tele Custom which is made in Japan and just slightly more than 600 GBP on Thomann.
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The Standard MIM Tele is about as good as the Squier VM Tele, so look at those first. I've owned five Tele's and I have my favorite for cleans and light distortion, but I always recommend it, and it's the Blackout Telecaster. The maple neck is thin and easy to fret, but the pickup configuration is what I liked the most - lots of tonal versatility with it. I also like the '69 RI Tele, though the Squier Thinline Tele does the job too if you can find one.
I'd preferably want single coils, just to have a bit more variation in tone with my guitars. Maybe a strat as well. I'll just try out as many as possible in the shop when I go
Well, I happen to be a penniless student with the desire to own a Tele, so that lead me to the Squier Classic Vibe series. I haven't bought one yet, but I have played one and the neck was quite modern and thin if I remember correctly. It sounded fantastic through an AC-15 at my local Guitar Center. If you're looking for the best bang for your buck with a Tele, I'd definitely look into them. Check out some reviews, these things get many praises, often being compared to MIJ Fenders (as in, lots of people think they're better than MIM Telecasters). There's a Classic Vibe Custom (alder body) and a Classic Vibe '50s (pine body), and the CV50s model comes in 2 varieties, the "Vintage Blonde" color (which looks white) has Alnico III single coils while the "Butterscotch Blonde" color (the sexy one that I want real bad) has Alnico V magnets. Yep, after discovering these axes I have no desire for a cheaper Fender, I'm dead set on getting a Squier as my first Tele. (As for my opinion of the Baja Tele, I've never played one but I've heard the necks are too chunky and I really don't want that S-1 wiring they come with).
MIJ tokai. should be around £500 (though occasionally you can get deals on them for a bit less than that).
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