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It's happened to 2 of my 3 electrics. The plug for your cord becomes oxidized in a way that causes tons of static and fuzz. I once solved it by cleaning it with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, but after 2 weeks, the problem returned. Am I supposed to be doing maintenance on the plug in? Do you guys ever get this problem? Sometimes I feel like buying a brand new plug and installing it into the guitar, but that would mean soldering...which I don't want to mess with.
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Are you positive it's the jack and not the cord? Ive never had that problem with any of my guitars. If it's not the cord you should consider looking at the wiring of the input jack.
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if it's happening on 2 guitars with 1 cable, its probably the cable.

I've only really had that sort of thing happen when my cable was pooched. Also, other than tightening the jack occasionally (only on some of my guitars), I've never done any maintenance whatsoever on a jack.
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If I were you I'd just replace the jack, its a $3 part and a 5 minute solder job(including waiting for irons to heat up). If that doesn't fix the problem I'd try a different cable and see if that remedies it.
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first check the cable like said.

for the other posters....

you dont need to replace a jack, most of the time, if you hand tighten jacks without taking it out first, then you'll rip off or loosen a wire.

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watch the way you wrap your cables its a mistake alot of players make look up "how to wrap a cable properly" on youtube its saved my cables