Hi! Here is my metal trio bands "loffelmannschaft" first song! I play guitar and sing.
Please give constructive critisism!
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Sehr gut.

EDIT: Constructive criticism, I don't like the vocals and the guitar is a little sloppy. I realize it is not a professional recording, just sayin' the first things that came to mind.
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Yeah, i sing and i have never really sung in my life. I tried to sing with a rasp, buts it more like growl with a sing or whatever. Its done on my home pc, so not the best ever...
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I'm not a huge fan of the vocals. I liked the music though. Also, what language is that website in? I didn't recognize it.
Very Mars Volta ish opening riff, I dig it! The vocals need to be really lowered in the mix, I can't even focus on the music half the time...

That being said, I like the drive of the song itself, good amount of energy.

Halfway through, love how it slows down a bit. Pretty good solo too!

Overall I'd say work on the vocals/lower them in the mix, other than that the production is pretty good and the songwritting is pretty good too, keep it up!
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nice work! I kinda liked the vocals.. They are a bit playfull. They don't really sit in the mix that well though. I think if you fix that the song as a whole will present itself better. Also the drums could use a bit more punch but that's just my taste. Good effort none the less!

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I listened to it. I liked everything except the vocals. Otherwise it was pretty sweet. BUT U guys should look for someone that could add better vocals maybe, with that itd be REALLY sick. I liked it. Good job!