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I like the guitar rig I have. It is very clean and clear (Mesa D180 into ENGL 4x12 v30) but almost too much so. I'd be interested in having a second tone with a different flavor or type of low gain breakup, maybe with a character pedal (Tech 21, Joyo etc). I don't know tons of guitar gear/amps.

Could you guys tell me about the general tones of cleans and very slight OD from Fender, Vox and Marshall?
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Thanks for the descriptions.

Budget... nothing extreme. $200 max. I was thinking pedals/outboard pre.

Though for a killer combo I could possibly save up for about $500 (I'd be thinking used Mesa Subway or Fender Blues Jr. Delux at that rate).

I had a buddy show off his Marshall DSL through a 1960. That had awesome cleans, warm and detailed, sounded like the gain (just a hair of OD on loud notes) was a little spongey/forgiving which I like. I am sure cab was part of it too.
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Quote by redandwhite12
Used Pro Junior,Blues Junior, Classic 30, AC15.

Personally i would put some more of that pedal money into an amp and just pickup a little booster/overdrive. Used Ts-9 or a Bad Monkey or something in that flavor should be fine.

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How loud do you need to be? Is this drummer levels?
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What redandwhite12 said fits its description.
Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET, IMO gives it an awesome Classic Rock OD sound.
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Quote by Cathbard
How loud do you need to be? Is this drummer levels?

Drummer levels would be ideal. The D180 that I am using for clean tons has a 6x 6L6 power section, it can get loud (plus I am using a 4x12). I could plug an outboard pre or any type of preamp directly into it's power section if I needed to.

If I was going for a combo, volume wouldn't matter all that much. Keeping up with medium volume drummer levels for practice would be fine. I also have a Krank 1x12 cab with a Legend V12 in it that could boost up a small combo.
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