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Really like the sound of the EP
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Thanks dude! We recorded in Oklahoma with a producer, Provo Provenzano, from Skinlad. He used a Pro Tools set up! It was mastered by James Murphy. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
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Sounds fantastic! Glad to see my native state can still rock.
I love all 5 (sold a couple) of my Carvin X-100b's.
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The sound! Nice one man

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Great chops, love the tone. Bought the EP today, my son loves it too. Got some friends in Denmark and Japan to share your video's and get more exposure oversea's, they love your material.
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Thanks a ton Rex. On the first two links above, I was using the EVH III. On the new album, which is the last link. Im using Marshall DSL's, the old ones. I tend to prefer the Marshall sound however the EVH is a monster amp, and in the EP it's hotter in the mix. Cheers mate