I was wondering if it was worth the money to upgrade the speaker in my 6505+ 112 Combo. Most people suggest the Vintage 30. Now this is probably the dumbest question ever, but is the Vintage 30 good for modern tones? Because 90% of the stuff I play is from the 90's or later. BTW the bands I play most are A7X, Billy Talent, RHCP, Metallica, Sublime. I know there's a somewhat wide genre range here, but would the Vintage 30 work well for these? I'm more concerned about metal than the ska funk or punk though. Thanks.
I've heard replacing the speaker is like taking a blanket off of the amp, but I can't personally attest to this. The amp is pretty popular though, I'm sure someone is around who has done a speaker swap on one.

I haven't replaced the speaker in my 6505+ 112, but the V30 is popular for rock and metal due to the spike in the mids it produces. Eminence is another quality speaker brand: the Eminence-made Swamp Thang, Wizard, and Governor are worth looking into. Warehouse Guitar Speakers does a cheaper V30 clone called the Veteran 30 that may work for you, although if you are willing to go for a used Celestion V30 then the price difference kind of evaporates.
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I put an Eminence Governor in mine; it is supposed to be Eminence's version of the Celestion Vintage 30, only a little less harsh.

I have not tried a V30 in my amp so I'm not sure how they compare, but I can tell you how it sounds compared to the stock Sheffield. Compared to the stock sound, it's got more in the upper-mid frequency range; it roars more like a pushed Marshall (though, still sounds like a 6505). That midrange just RIPS through the mix. It takes away some of the lower mids, but it's still a brutal, tight sound when chugging/palm muting. The stock Sheffield is a little darker and low/low mid heavy. I've found that adding an EQ pedal helps me to restore some of that bottom end grunt and it's just right. Overall I'm very happy with the Governor.

As for the genres you mentioned, I'm not really sure you have the right amp to begin with. But I suppose a V30 or Governor might give you a little more versatility.
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yeah a v30 is pretty much the industry standard for modern tones. it just has a terrible name (it's not 30 watts either)
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i would recommend a eminence FDM speaker, reignmaker for more brit, or i think its a maverick for US.

it will give you not only 9DB of attention to crank your beast and open it up so your not playing on 0.5 master

what i mean is, you can max the attentuation, and then CRANK the amp, which will actually help tone because the amp can actually "open up". ever play an amp on 1 and then play the same amp on 5+? there is always a difference. or playing an amp running hot or cold, or etc etc? to me this is a huge plus.

most vids give an example of how low it goes. i would set it to equal volume and test the change of reaction by the amp turning it up.


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