Or experience with them.

I love my pedals, but I'm just not sure I'm getting the most out of them. I haven't had too much time to mess around with them, and I'm looking for some starting points/tones, and working my way from there. I don't think this is against the whole "settings" rule...is it?

I have:
Digitech Bad Monkey OD
Way Huge Swollen Pickle fuzz
Boss HF-2 flanger
Boss DD-6 delay
Homebrew Electronics Mimic delay
Dunlop CryBaby wah (not sure if I can really adjust anything here)

Thanks. Will remove if against rules.
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i know its not settings, but you should mod the wah and put in true bypass!
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I like the Bad Monkey with a lot of bass (not all the way), it pushes the low end nicely for solos an rhythm as well! Keep the level only a bit higher without it and push the overdrive as you wish (once again not all the way because it creates too much noise)