I'm really considering picking this sucker up, anyone have one or played one?
I hear it's very loud and that's troubling but I would put in a tone stack and master volume for practicality and to tame it. I don't know I that'd be enough though. Anyway I'll give the floor to the learned elders now, what do you say fellas?
I have one,it can be loud and get there quick,I was using it with a POD XT Pro for a minute but sold that and bought my Orange. Nice for the price though but don't expect to get distortion from it at all unless you crank it. I play at home only and played it quiet but like I said it can get loud quick.
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I see. Thanks for the honest feedback. I really do just need a small amp to practice modding and for bedroom jamming. I don't know if this sucker will be suitable.