Hi guys,
This is a guitar medley that I put together consisting of a few LMFAO songs to be used in the cover band I'm hopefully starting in the new year. I start it off with Party Rock Anthem, then into Sexy and I Know It, then Sorry for Party Rocking and finish with Party Rock Anthem again. It's not a finished product but it's just an idea so my other guitar player has an example of what its going to sound like. And yes I'm using a whammy pedal for the octave-riff. I'm always up for suggestions too! Check it out:

Sounds awesome! Work on the timing of that whammy pedal lick though. Especially if you are gonna be doing it live with a band, that will be something that could throw it off! I love it though. I love that you are having fun doing it.

Here's a video I did of an older LMFAO song "La La La"
Cool stuff dude! Yeah I'm starting to reevaluate how to play that octave riff. I've got the timing down a bit better then the video but I might just play the notes with some whammy bar flair instead.