Hey guys,

I live in a student flat so I don't have an amp for my Epi Riviera. But I'm just sick of playing unplugged, it's driving me nuts. I just need an amp so bad...
I was looking at the small Fenders, I found the SuperChamp X2. It has effects built in but has tubes. Is it any good ?

Of course I should be looking at pods to plug earphones in, but I will also be bringing it with me to friends house and jaming places, so it's better to have an amp.

Will it be too loud? Can I get a decent low volume ?

I should add that everyday I hear the motherf**** above me blasting out his shitty dubstep and playing like a 3 year old on his synth...

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Sorry I forgot to mention. I will play songs by Modest Mouse, The Strokes, Blur (Graham Coxon FTW!)...
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Sorry I forgot to mention. I will play songs by Modest Mouse, The Strokes, Blur (Graham Coxon FTW!)...

Then the superchamp X2 should work great, as johnny marr is an avid fender guitar+amp lover. I've tried one in a shop before, they cover a lot of ground with the voicing rotary switch.

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Ah good thanks ! Is it louder than a vox AC4TV ?
Because I have one (an ac4tv) at my parents (600km away...) but I can't bring it with me on the train. Not quite sold on the tone to be honest
Maybe a bit, but the loudness depends more on speaker efficiency than the wattage itself. More watts generally means more clean headroom but the voicing switch combined with the gain control should give you plenty of drive at low volumes.
the XD will do great for that kind of stuff, but I think you'd be far better off with a used Fender Blues Junior. not as versatile, but it covers what you're looking for perfectly and with a speaker swap out down the line they are great little amps.

it will also keep up with a drummer easily, though it probably won't stay clean.
I have the older model. I absolutely adore it, though I only tend to use a few of the voices. It's is a great little amp.

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for what it is, yeah, it's pretty nice.
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