I have recorded songs on garageband with guitar and vocals but i do not own a drumset or drum mics. Is there a program out there that i can create my own drums to add to my garageband tracks. These tracks are so plan without drums. Any advice would be helpful.thanks
yea i know. But there is not that great of a selection. I would like to create it myself if possible to get what i want the track to sound like.
There's software like Addictive Drums, EZdrummer and Superior Drummer 2.0. Not sure if they are available on Mac at all but they are really good on PC.

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A bit more intuitive answer:

In GB, create a virtual instrument track and choose a nice drum instrument. Go to your piano roll and figure out what keys make what sounds. Open up your musical typing keyboard and record. Quantize afterwards to make sure you got it right (or adjust each note manually).

Happy "drumming"!
I used Rhythm Rascal to create drum tracks for a song of mine, and they sound pretry good and realistic. The bad part is that you can't control each piece's volume and such, but it's still pretty good and simple. Give it a try.
Do you guys actually use GB? I just found it to be a big piece of crap and waste of space deleted it right away along with that stupid iphoto.