hey guys, I've decided to buy a new telecaster, choosing between Fender Blacktop Telecaster HH and Road Worn 50s. Ive yet to go down to the shop and try them myself but ive read a couple of review and they both seem pretty decent. Any advise? how does the single coil compare to humbucks on a tele? I kinda play any genre, punk to classic rock to blues, so i guess im looking for versatility. ive been playing guitar for 5 years, electric for 1 and im upgrading from an entry level electric.
humbuckers and single coils sound extremely different, particularly in a distinct sounding guitar like a telecaster.

both though guitars are good, but they're very different. In my mind, they're about as far apart as tele's typically get (barring the Jim Root and John 5 teles...). your best bet between the two is to go play them and see which one suits your playing better. you'll like one more than the other without question.

also make sure you check out G&L guitars. I found their ASAT models to be better than every comparable (or more expensive in many cases) fender I tried. I spend probably 4 months picking a tele, and I ended up with a G&L
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I'm not one for humbuckers on a Tele aside from the '72 RI Thinline, so I'd get the Road Worn if it's between the two. They are tonally totally different guitars though, so of course you'll have to try them both out.

Tele single coils are nice and twangy, while the humbuckers are full and rich sounding. The Tele humbuckers I've played with have been a bit muddy in the neck position, but maybe that's just to my ear. I like clarity in my chords, even overdriven.
I would love to try out G&L, but from where im from the options are quite limited, especially for teles. Thats why I'm going for fender.

I thought that the "tele sound" was less apparent in the blacktop because of the humbuckers, but then again im still a student and the roadworn is roughly $400 more...
Correct, the "Tele tone" is in the single coils, at least in my opinion.
Are you opposed to a standard MIM? Where are you located? A standard Tele will get you those "Tele tones" if you're after that.
Don't jump on the bandwagon of paying for a "road worn" finish, whatever you do. I think that, if I'm paying for a new guitar, they can at least put a finish on it. Then I can decide if I want to take a sander to it. That being said, I'll go for humbuckers 4 out of 5 times. Smoother, less prone to noise, and easier distortion without external effects.
I agree with him on the finish of the Road Worn, it's a lot of money for wear and tear.
Like I said, the pickups are totally different animals. Out of curiosity, what makes you want a Tele? I've had five, but only one with humbuckers which I quickly sold. I've only got a Blackout now, but it's my favorite of the Tele's I've owned.
well, im from singapore, and the number of reputable guitar shops i can count with my 2 hands. personally whether its made in mexico or the states doesnt matter to me. i dont know where to get a standard tele locally, and im not too comfortable shipping a guitar.

about the finish, thats not really what im out for, the tone itself is quite appealing although i get what youre driving at.

my current guitar is a swing (korean brand) superstrat that was $260, it was good considering the price but after awhile i kinda didnt like the sharp strat tone (yet im into people like joe bonamasa and john mayer) and im not too keen on a les paul either so i thought id get a tele.

@scorpio ive never tried playing a diy guitar, how does the sound compare to something thats already been made?
my current guitar is a swing (korean brand) superstrat that was $260


I'm in the USA, and I was looking at the Swing Exciter Gold. Any opinion in it or the brand in general?
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swing is a relatively new brand,but i'd say its value for money. The korean craftsmanship is really good too and my friend swears by it, but they have moved some of their production to indonesia though. you might want to check it out first before you buy one
Well, being in the USA, that would be tough!

Still, I have no problem with MiK guitars in general- my Fernandes Ravelle Elite is MiK, and it is sweet!
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

Log off and play yer guitar!

Strap on, tune up, rock out!
if you get the Blacktop, the first order of business would be to replace the pickups, the ones on it are pretty ordinary.
i don't understand what you want.

do you want tele twang

or do you want two humbuckers

completely different.

so are you saying you want a tele shape? the tone couldn't be much different.
i want the tele tone, not sure if the road worn is worth the price and if humbuckers on the blacktop ruins the sound
Maybe get the blacktop and put a tele neck pickup in it and put a coil switch in for the bridge? It wont be the exact tele tone in the bridge, but it'll be close. That what I did to my blacktop at least.
I have a blacktop, and I put prs starla pups in it. I like the sound. It doesnt have the twang of other teles but theres some bounce in the sound that I love. My only issue is apparently common, the bridge isnt always grounded well (apparently that's something everyone says on tele forums) and my wiring was poop. I actually have a tech i met through the scene that is rewiring everything with new pots to to fix it. I'm pretty excited since I absolutely love this tele, even with its shortcomings, and it was great for the price
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